Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Saturday 17th July 2010

On Saturday, I had a lovely walk with my mum, dad and 'sister'. Mum said I had to stay on the extender lead as I'm in season or something like that, but they did let me off for a little run when there was no other dogs about.
Dad kept wondering off though, so I had to check he was alright

Dad's fine, better check mum is OK

PHEW! I was puffed out after all that babysitting I had to do

Later on, mum took me out for another walk and we met another Vizsla called Honey, she lives just down the road from me. She's about 10 months old and I liked her loads. Apparently, she's got another couple of Vizsla friends, so hopefully we can arrange a Viz Whizz soon.

I also met up with Dexter the Husky puppy and we went for a walk together. He's very funny, but he kept trying to leap all over me, so I had to tell him off a couple of times for being so cheeky. I don't think he took much notice though! Mum didn't manage to get any pictures of us together, but she took some of me sitting in the garden


  1. Hi Nicola - oh Saffron is so pretty! You can tell that she's Radar's sister...her expression in the final picture is Radar to a tee (in a girly way of course!). Lovely to chat with you yesterday...must do it more often. Jx

  2. Thank you so much, yes they are so similar, and Radar is such a handsome chap. Lovely chatting to you too, I feel like I've known you forever:). We must keep in touch. Nxx